Human Resources Department

Human resources are the deciding factor in a company’s success. People are the most valuable resource not only because the company pays very dearly for them, but also because people with their intelligence create other factors of production. Forez BG has been fulfilling its mission to be a reliable supplier since 2016 and offers jobs in an exciting and dynamically developing automotive components manufacturing field.

Our departments:

Production department – competent employees ensuring production and delivery of products.

Quality department – a qualified team, providing and satisfying the specific requirements of the client.

Technical department – specialists providing stable production technology, maintenance of machines and molds.

Logistics department – a team of well-trained employees who organize delivery to our customers

Human resources and finances

We have 60 employees, 45 of whom have been working at Forez BG for more than 2 years. They are all very well trained and apply this in their work. By investing in our workers through training, we increase their professional development. The trainings are internal and external by qualified experts and teachers.

The factors we rely on when motivating staff:

– Workplace safety

– Opportunity for training and qualification

– Relationship with management

– Good relations in the team and team environment

– Personal satisfaction with the importance and quality of work.

The motto is: “Organized teamwork”!

A close-knit team and loyalty are the main strength we need to have on our side in order to live more fully and happily, so we organize outdoor activities in nature, plant trees, organize cycling trips.

In the passing 2021. we climbed Mount Musala, hike to the Rila Lakes, visited beautiful waterfalls around the town of Elena, as well as many other beautiful places in nature.

The average care for the staff is the provision of business transport and catering!

“Motivating employees of potential to work with their additional key prerequisite for successful management.”

– Eraldo Banovec, Croatian author and professor.


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